Play Stop
Jan 17th 2015 The Retreat Hotel, Melbourne
Jan 14th 2015 Rics Bar, Brisbane
Jan 13th 2015 22.00 Yellow River, Armidale
Jan 10th 2015 The Annandale, Sydney
Jan 8th 2015 3o3, Melbourne
Jan 7th 2015 20.00 The Old Bar, Melbourne
Jun 13th 2014 23:00 Rust, Copenhagen
May 10th 2014 Blågårdsgade, Copenhagen
Mar 29th 2014 22.00 Drone, Copenhagen
Mar 28th 2014 20.30 Templet, Copenhagen Get ticket! (80DKR)
Jun 20th 2013 20.00 Trashbar, New York
Jun 14th 2013 17:00 Kerry Beary's Atomic Pop Shop, Baton Rouge
Jun 10th 2013 21:00 Holy Mountain, Austin
Jun 4th 2013 22.30 Hotel Café, Los Angeles
May 31st 2013 19.30 The Make-Out room, San Francisco
Feb 1st 2013 21:00 VEGA, Copenhagnen Get ticket! (DKK 60)
Oct 26th 2012 22:00 Skraaen, Aalborg
Oct 24th 2012 21:00 Loppen, Copenhagen
Dec 15th 2011 21.00 Huset i Magstræde, Copenhagen
Nov 11th 2011 21:00 Stengade, Copenhagen
Sep 23rd 2011 17.00 Kaffebaren på Amager, Copenhagen
Sep 16th 2011 19.00 Tjili Pop, Copenhagen
Jul 14th 2011 22:00 Rust, Copenhagen
Jun 9th 2010 20.00 Littlefield, New York Get ticket! (8-10 USD)
Jun 5th 2010 20.00 Fontana, New York
Jun 4th 2010 20.00 Lit Lounge, New York
Oct 15th 2009 22:00 RUST, Copenhagen
Sep 25th 2009 22:30 Antje Öklesund, Berlin
Sep 24th 2009 23:00 Duncker Club, Berlin


Jan 1st 2015
We're doing a january tour in the land of the kangaroo. Check out the SHOWS section for details!

Radio gaga

Sep 24th 2014
We stopped by 'P6 Beat', played some tunes from Deadly Songs, and had chat with Alicia and Casper. Check it out HERE


May 16th 2014
We have a new video out for If U R A Gun; a long, dark drive down the Hollywood Hills. Hook me up HERE!

Love from Germany

May 8th 2014
Oh wow, check out this awesome review of Deadly Songs from Germany!

Gaffa knows

Apr 12th 2014
it's deadly! Read the review HERE

The eagle

Mar 25th 2014
...has landed. Deadly Songs is out! Oh me oh my, take good care of our baby! Purchase vinyl or MP3 from SHOP section.

Release P-A-R-T-Y

Mar 2nd 2014
We're celebrating the release of Deadly Songs March 29th at Drone, with concert and DJ's all night -you're invited! Check out the show section, for where and when. See you there!

No Medication video!

Jan 9th 2014
Putting on wings and flying is a very basic human need AND also the topic in our new music video. We proudly present: No Medication from our coming album Deadly Songs. NO MEDICATION

Mixing done!

Nov 28th 2013
It's true! We're done! We're thrilled, proud and exited to show off our new stuff. Counting on release date in february 2014. Vinyl of course. Deadly!

More more more

Oct 28th 2013
We're working on the last bits and pieces for our coming release, now scheduled for february 2014. More details coming soon, more extravaganza, more more more!
No medication
The missing thing
Inventing a machine